Living Your Best Life: Christelyn Karazin and The Pink Pill

Living Your Best Life: Christelyn Karazin and The Pink Pill

Christelyn Karazin has launched an Empire, helping thousands of black women live their best lives by taking the proverbial Pink Pill. No, this is not a sequel to The MatrixThe Pink Pill is a series of online courses that promises the inside track, specifically for black women and other women of color, on everything from social skills to visual presentation to communication to fast-tracking their love lives and careers. What’s more? Christelyn is making an absolute fortune, at a rate of $20,000 per day in sales of her Pink Pill courses. The amazing part is that women who have taken The Pink Pill are raving about their results from the course and passing the word on to other women – a “secret society” that is no longer a secret, as more and more women register for Karazin’s courses. Love her or hate her… Christelyn Karazin is on to something.

Christelyn’s career has not been without controversy. Her best-selling 2012 book, Swirling, singlehandedly started the conversation about black women expanding their love options and embracing interracial dating, which set off multiple social media and blog firestorms by black men who took umbrage to her message. Her popular blog, BeyondBlack&White, cultivated a massively loyal following where she never shies away from posting about the most pressing societal issues impacting women of color.

But The Pink Pill is by far Christelyn Karazin’s most profitable, impactful, and bold achievement, to date. A runaway hit since the launch of its flagship course, The Pink Pill, Christelyn helped heaps of women while earning herself an impressive $300K in net profits just in the course’s first year. With her latest course release, The Pink Pill For Business, already raking in $20K a day in revenues, Karazin is on track to earn a whopping $3,000,000 in net profits within the next year.  

Christelyn Karazin’s flagship, course, The Pink Pill, guided women in mastering the game of etiquette, making a killer first impression, honing effective communication skills, verbal and physical social-emotional cues, and achieving success among diverse social populations and ecosystems. These are what Karazin refers to as “the softer skills” of powerfully and divinely feminine women who can slay the room in any racial, ethnic, and socio-economic social setting.

Karazin’s just-released The Pink Pill For Business zeroes in on ushering black women and women of color right past the racial and cultural glass ceiling that she says have held so many talented women back for too long. “I am so excited to announce that our second course, The Pink Pill For Business, delves into the fine points and crucial dynamics that can make or break a woman’s career; whether she’s a solo entrepreneur, a small business owner, climbing the corporate ladder, or getting her foot in the door.”

Just like its original, The Pink Pill, Karazin’s second course, The Pink Pill For Business, is not sugar-coated fluff, and no detail is spared. “As women of color and minorities, I dissect what has traditionally not worked for us, professionally, and how we can finally start winning,” explains Karazin.

In The Pink Pill For Business, Karazin shares well-guarded secrets that she says, “most women of other backgrounds already know, but that absolutely NO ONE ever tells us until it is far too late,” adding, “so many of us grew up in homes where our mothers and grandmothers were overwhelmed with work and were focused on month-to-month survival. They didn’t have the time to teach us these things, and we have suffered for it. It’s time for us to teach each other.”

If you would like to listen to the interview instead of read, click the video below.

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  1. This is great, I love when bw of all walks reach up, not sideways. We have so much potential.
    My wish with swirlnation is to see a Nationwide Convention for BW and non blk men who r together or wanting to get together.
    Imagine the conversation! And the meet up. 😊

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