Living Your Best Life: Christelyn Karazin and The Pink Pill

Living Your Best Life: Christelyn Karazin and The Pink Pill

Christelyn: Yeah, so we have the Pink Pill for college and the Pink Pill for business. So, my goal for all three courses is to empower and elevate the image of black women. I want them to gain the confidence, skills, style, and poise so that they can succeed in all areas of their lives, whether that is in relationships and business or with you with your social network.

Meraki: In terms of relationships, do you believe that you know black women can get a high-value man?

Christelyn: Absolutely.

Meraki: What does that entails, does age, looks, maybe status does that all play, you know a factor?

Christelyn: What I want black women to realize is that the world is a big place, and you only need one. Okay, everybody does not have to think you are beautiful. Everybody does not have to believe you are charming, just one. Right? So, the goal is only with everything when you apply for a job. It is a numbers game you put your resume out there. You make your calls; you make your contacts. It is a numbers game. It is the same with relationships. The more nets that you cast, in various bodies of water, the more likely that you are going to bring back a big fish and maybe that big fish is black, but he could be white, he could be Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc. But you have to be open to it.

Also, it is imperative to understand that I believe that black women have a unique beauty that is unrivaled. Still, a problem that we often have is that many of us struggle with our weight. Many of us are not well-versed in etiquette and social mores that will that the class indicators that count us out and so my goal is to teach women through style, poise, etiquette. Hence, they cannot be discounted based on people writing them off not because they are black but because they do not fit in. It is not necessarily because you’re black that you don’t fit in, but if you don’t feel comfortable, if you are at a wine tasting party and never even had a glass of wine or you don’t know the difference between a Cabernet and a Pinot Grigio. Then you are not part of the group. They do not know how to relate to you. So, it is not about you being black. It is that you do not understand the language.

Christelyn Karazin

Meraki: In terms of looks, can women wear hair extensions, eyelashes, nails? What is the ideal high-value black woman? What does that entail?

Christelyn: Well, she is fit. I am all for looking your best by hook or by crook! I want you to exercise, if you have the money, every other race of woman is doing everything she has to do to level up. She is in the cosmetics surgery offices; she gets hair extensions. The thing to do is to do it in moderation, I feel that appearance or sometimes skewed because of Instagram. So, everything is like the extreme of Instagram where you have these girls who have lashes that look like butterfly wings and they are getting ready to take the launch, and take flight. I believe that hair is your enhancement. So, use those things, this is just my opinion, I think that black women look best with hair extensions that match the natural texture of black hair. Part of the reason other races of women can get away with wearing weaves is that they do. They do not get so, you know, down to pain or mocked about it because they use extensions that match their texture and look extremely natural. I say to black women you do the same thing, but you use your texture. That is what I do. I wear extensions, I wear wigs, I wear all those things, but a lot of people think it is my real hair because it mimics my own natural texture.

Meraki: With Instagram and the models you see, the black fishing and lighter skin models get enhancements to mimic the black women’s phenotype. Do you believe people are profiting from black women’s image?

Christelyn: Well, they are profiting from colorism within the Black Community. Okay, so we got to be honest here. That’s another reason why black women need to be open to dating because there have been many scholarly studies that indicate that darker-skinned women in the Black Community and this is not even dating out. Suppose you are just within the African-American Community. If you are lighter skinned, you get married first; statistically, colorism is rampant, and now because they can black men are not even just getting with light-skinned women. They are getting with white women. They get married interracially, especially if they are at a higher socioeconomic level, getting married at three times the rate. So, it is colorism. What outsiders have realized is that they get more attention as light-skinned black women than they do as so-called regular run-of-the-mill white women.

Meraki: All right, so you do see the black underground war that is going on with black men versus black women?  

Christelyn: Some gender wars are going on here; it is unfortunate; it leaves us confused and hurt; it can be exceedingly hurtful to hear these things. What I say is, go where you’re celebrated.

Meraki: So do you believe we can ever repair the dismantlement and mental illness of the black family and Community?

[Christelyn] Well, I do not know that is a lofty goal. I will say that we will not do it if only 50% of us are committed to it. So, if only black women are committed to creating a black family and you know, a black nuclear functioning family where 50% of the other group is just, they are very self-focused. They are very into what they want. How are you going to do that? If only one segment of the group is more dedicated. It must be a double effort on both sides. Ralph Richard Banks, wrote a book, Is Marriage for White People? He said that the way to help the black family is by black women realizing that they have options because when we tell black men, I would never date interracially, I would never do that. You are my king. I will never leave you; then that makes them comfortable. What happens when you tell somebody that no matter what you do? I will still love you. Nobody appreciates that. Nobody is going to say oh, wow.  I can be a complete donkey, and she is always going to want to be with me. No, you have to say listen. I know that I have options, and you are going to have to do right by me, or you know, I will go elsewhere. That is what I want black women to do once we communicate that we are no longer a foregone conclusion. We start having the leverage and the power because if we outnumber the men, by 2 million that our marriageable, we are at a bargaining disadvantage when it comes to marriage if we are exclusive its numbers.

Meraki: How will the pink pill help black women gain the confidence and knowledge to become their better selves?

Christelyn: It is freestyle through an adequate understanding of the rules of the game, understanding the soft skills, being able to be excellent communicators, and understanding the elements of networking. I even advise on how to get into these more Elite circles and ways in which to do it. So, I cover all of it. It is the most comprehensive course. It has been on sale for two years, and I have not gotten a single negative review.

Meraki: That’s why she is the wealthiest person on YouTube right now. What is your job title, what is your industry?

Christelyn: I am a certified style coach, business etiquette, and protocols consultant.

Meraki: I am in the Atlanta area, and there is another consultant named Kevin Samuels. So of course, you have heard of him, you canceled your show, and I support that. Do you believe what he is saying is trying to expand black women’s minds, or do you think women should remove themselves from being judged when beauty is subjective and honestly based on European features?

Christelyn: He is trying to operate a business. He is a businessman. There is a lot of things I appreciate about him. He has a particularly good aesthetic, dresses very well, and is very well-spoken and intelligent, and runs excellence shows. Some of the things I can agree with, many say I am the female version of Kevin Samuels. Where I draw the line is this, I honestly do not believe it is helpful to mock vulnerable people, that is where I draw the line, that’s why I don’t do it. People that call into these shows are looking for guidance; many are looking for parental figures. When you have a large platform, we have to realize that it’s not just entertainment, clicks, views, and super chats; these are real people who are calling real people behind the screens, and they depend on us to help them and guide them. It is not helpful to mock,

Meraki: To prey on the vulnerable and mental illness in a way

Christelyn: In many ways, Kevin and I say the same things: delivery is different, some people can only receive information, I don’t get it, and most of his callers tell them they don’t have a chance, yet they continue to call. I do not approach it that way; everybody has a chance; there are levels to success; there are levels to what meaning is for each person. I think that if you are only listening to that voice, it can cause you to be very discouraged in your level up the journey, and my goal is to inspire the exact opposite in women, but I want to do it positively. The truth is important to tell, but we have a very comprehensive language. The English language is quite extensive, and there are millions of ways to say the same thing context and delivery matter.

Meraki: Well, that is what everybody wanted to know… Black twitter, YouTube, and the underground.

Christelyn: Wow, everyone talking about this

Meraki: You are a popular woman! You did the right thing; it was commendable! So Christelyn, you are busy, and as an educator, she must teach women how to swallow the pink pill correctly. So, tell the readers and listeners where they can find you.

Christelyn: They can find me on Instagram and Twitter, and that is @Christelyn, and I have a link tree there to link to all my programs and courses, there are also free seminars. They can get all the info on Instagram.

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  1. This is great, I love when bw of all walks reach up, not sideways. We have so much potential.
    My wish with swirlnation is to see a Nationwide Convention for BW and non blk men who r together or wanting to get together.
    Imagine the conversation! And the meet up. 😊

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