Next Up: Seinabo Sey

Next Up: Seinabo Sey

Off the heels of what has already been a breakout year, Seinabo Sey released an upbeat Janet Jackson inspired pop anthem that demonstrates Seinabo’s versatility as both an artist and songwriter with her new single, “Good In You,”. Alongside this, Seinabo has also had the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album “I’m A Dream”.

“I’m A Dream” sees a clear development both lyrically and sonically from Seinabo’s debut album “Pretend” from 2015, with strong melodies, heavy beats and a rich soundscape. Of “I’m A Dream” Seinabo has said, “This time around it felt really important to make the story that I’m telling directly, and very, personal. And every song represents a part of my life from the past year and a bit, more so than with Pretend.”

“I´m a Dream” includes the edgy and soulful I Owe You Nothing”, the sore and emotional Remember” featuring Jacob Banks, and the unforgettable and beautiful Breathe”, which was all accompanied by stunning visuals, and received instant praise across national and international media; “‘Breathe’ is a stunning track about what it means to be a black woman in white spaces,” MTV claimed, while The Guardian stated, “She owes us nothing, but she gives us loads”. This year’s releases see Seinabo crafting songs revolving around the issues about which she has been vocal on social media and in her enchanting live performances: womanhood and feminism, identity, body positivity and an adherence to loving yourself.

Seinabo rose to critical acclaim in 2015 following the release of two EPs and her debut album Pretend, which TIME magazine called “One of the Year’s Best Debut Albums” and SPIN named one of the Best Albums of 2015. Certified Gold in Sweden, Pretend earned her a 2015 Swedish Grammy Award for Best Newcomer and Best Pop award the following year.

With singles such as “Younger” (Over 315 million streams combined and 40 million YouTube views), “Hard Times”, “Poetic” and “Pretend”, Seinabo became one of the biggest breakout acts out of the Nordics in 2014/2015, seeing close to 500 million global streams to date. 2018 is shaping up to be another incredible year for her, as Seinabo Sey is positioned to become one of the most compelling and impactful artists in 2018.

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