Travel TV Host, Brand Spokesperson, and Executive Producer, Nate Fluellen of “WorldWide Nate: African Adventures” recently launched Kavata Swimwear, a line of swimwear for surfing and swimming enthusiasts alike, with the entire family in mind.

The brand name was inspired by and is in honor of Nate’s sister, Laini Kavata Fluellen, who passed away from Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2009.  Ten percent of each sale is donated to Laini Fluellen Charities (LFC), a 501C-3 organization dedicated to providing funding for continued research for TNBC, as well as educational resources for newly diagnosed patients.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities are firmly underway, Kavata Swimwear will host a special ceremony to honor breast cancer warriors both currently thriving with the disease and as well as those that have lost their battle.  The Pink Paddle-Out will take place on Saturday, October 17 at [insert time] at the Inkwell Beach in Santa Monica.  All are welcome to join and celebrate and remember those impacted by this disease.  Fluellen will lead the ceremony sharing information about TNBC.  Pink flowers will be available to participants to take into the water and leave in memorial and celebration.


During the Pink Paddle-out, Kavata Swimwear will unveil its pink camo surfboard, donated by Ryan Harris, a Black surfboard shaper.  The pink surfboard will be a featured item during the silent auction of LFC’s 10th annual Pink Tie Affair.  The annual event will be a virtual gala allowing the nation to attend and support the cause. Ryan will shape the winner’s board custom to their size and weight.  

A paddle-out is a spiritual symbol of surf culture. It’s a traditional Hawaiian tribute to the life and legacy of people who passed away. In most cases, the paddle-out is a floating memorial held in the ocean, a few yards from the shore, where surfers and other water sports participants honor someone they cherished.

Designed for comfort and optimum board surfing, Kavata features a variety of camouflage designs all with an homage to Africa, the motherland. 


Nate often shares how he was inspired to create Kavata by one of his many travel adventures. “I grew up swimming and loving the water, but as a child, I wasn’t exposed to the sport of surfing, therefore I thought it was something that Black people just didn’t do.  However, when I landed on the shores of Durbin, South Africa in my role as a travel tv host, I was introduced to the African surfer lifestyle, and I was mesmerized by the Zulu boys and their surfing skills. They motivated me to become a master surfer and to share the love of the sport with Black and Brown children everywhere who are not yet exposed to the sport.”

“Laini was more than a big sister to me, she was my protector, my confidant, and my biggest supporter.  To remember, and to honor her in this way brings me a special joy. Helping raise funds to fight against a deadly disease that has a higher mortality rate for women of color than other groups elevates Kavata even further, giving it a greater, more far-reaching purpose.” continued Fluellen.

The Kavata swimwear line is currently available via the online boutique as well as select retailers across the country.  For more information on the work of Laini Fluellen Charities visit

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