TAYLRD Chinos for the Win.

TAYLRD Chinos for the Win.

TAYLRD continues to launch new products in the men’s space and to match the quality of their popular chinos and short sleeve button-downs, the company just released Henley and now they have new chinos.

While finding a well-fitted pair of chinos is no easy task, if you have an athletic body, it can be a little more challenging. What we all want is a little flexibility and “give” well, TAYLRD has given us the perfect pair of chinos.

Allowing the stretch material to not only bend over but squat with mo fear of busting your seam, our new favorite pair of chinos has taken its place in the closet.

TAYLRD chinos have a waterproof material that allows them to be breathable as well as durable. Above all else, they are extremely comfortable. Their slim-fit design is true to size and fit. There is sufficient inseam to wear these chinos however you like. The tapered ankle makes them perfect when wearing a low cut shoe or a boot and have them sit on the topline of your boot.

We were happy to test these chinos out and give them our stamp of approval. The retail cost for the TAYLRD Tech Chino is $89. Check out their full line at https://www.taylrdclothing.com

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