Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainer Christopher Clarke

Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainer Christopher Clarke

One of the most sought-after celebrity trainers is Christopher Clarke. His expertise goes beyond fitness. Speaking of fitness, he’s a big fan of switching it up when it comes to workouts including jumping rope to swimming as they are good options in keeping in shape. And, he should know, he has a chiseled physique. We caught up with Christopher to ask him some of our questions that we had about health and fitness. Here he shares with us his insights on health, weight loss, and fitness.

When it comes to lifting heavy weights, there is one question on our minds. Will lifting heavy weights produce large muscles?

Solely lifting heavy weight alone will not add large muscle gain. In the practical sense, you first have to overload the muscle by lifting heavier weights, allowing a period of healing and rebuilding through proper rest, while fueling the process with a calorie surplus diet high in protein.

We know it is important to stay healthy and to keep up with our fitness. We have seen some healthy people change their habits this past year and are not continuing them anymore. What are your habits that you are not continuing anymore and why?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year, one habit that truly healthy people such as myself have dropped is indoor group spinning. It’s a favorite of mine as well as for many fitness enthusiasts. Indoor spinning offers a great way to stay in shape but can be redundant. I have now embraced outdoor cycling. It is fun and has real-time challenges that burn calories and keeps you in shape. I would highly recommend trying outdoor cycling.

We know that losing weight and keeping it off comes down to your habits and how consistently you can keep up with them. What is your take on this?

Being consistent with your exercise routine is important to losing weight and keeping it off. All too often consistency leads to repetitiveness, and you end up doing the same thing over and over again. Aside from the boredom factor, this can actually cause the body to plateau and reach a point where it no longer responds to your regular exercise. By changing up your routine, location, and your type of workout you can add a new dimension that challenges and stimulates your body to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight.

What are some workout tweaks for weight loss that you have seen that have worked well for your clients who were able to lose weight and keep it off?

Christopher Clarke

Here are 3 surprising tweaks that have helped my clients lose weight and reach their long-term goals.

  • Outdoor jogs and mixed martial art training routines are great replacements for boring and redundant machine workouts on treadmills or ellipticals.
  • Changing the location of strength training to the beach, where the sand adds a new challenge has been popular with several of my clients. Also, it has the added benefit of being able to take a refreshing swim after working out.
  • Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which promotes weight gain. Pilates classes are excellent to tone the body and reduce stress levels, helping to prevent weight gains.

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Christopher Clarke is a celebrity trainer with a client roster that includes executives, diplomats, musicians, athletes, and celebrities. Born in Jamaica and based in Palm Beach, Florida, he is known as a health and wellness guru and has modeled appearing in billboards, music videos, and fashion shows. He is involved with many charities and has received awards for his charity work in the U.S. and internationally. For over 10 years, Christopher Clarke has been creating tailor-made exercise programs to suit individuals of every age and fitness level. He trains and advises clients from all over the world including the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. Christopher Clarke is featured in international media, national media, and TV.

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