Fitness Trainer Stephanie Rofkahr Gives Tips on Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness Trainer Stephanie Rofkahr Gives Tips on Kettlebell Exercises

Certified personal trainer and nutritionist Stephanie Rofkahr is a go-to expert for nutrition, personal training, and fitness. She is an in-demand expert that is featured in national media and in TV interviews. She helps people achieve a healthier lifestyle through her fantastic nutrition coaching and personal training. 

When it comes to fitness, Stephanie believes it is important to add variety to your workouts such as adding kettlebells to your training. There are many benefits to working out with kettlebells for all fitness levels. Kettlebell exercises are easy to do anywhere. Kettlebell workouts can have a significant impact on aerobic capacity, while increasing your core strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Kettlebell exercises can work several muscle groups simultaneously which makes it a great total body workout. 

Stephanie shares with us some kettlebell exercises that we should add to our exercise routine. 

Here are four kettlebell exercises that will give you a full body workout:

Kettlebell Frog squat rows
Frog squat rows are one of my favorites. You have your toes out and when you squat down you row the kettlebell under your chin. 

Kettlebell Plank rows
Next we do plank rows alternating with the kettlebells. When you are in a plank position you will pull the kettlebells with your lats and alternate. 

Lunges with kettlebells to your sides  
I love to do lunges with kettlebells over dumbbells because it’s a much easier grip for our hands. 

Kettlebell Russian twist 
And lastly the kettlebells Russian twist for your core. Hold a kettlebell and when you twist side to side make sure to have the kettlebell touch the side of the floor. 

These kettlebell exercises are an amazing way to get a full-body workout in minutes. To get more exercises from Stephanie Rofkahr follow her on her app and social media and to get more information on personal training and nutrition coaching, visit:

Stephanie Rofkahr is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She’s inspiring people to eat better, exercise and live healthier. Stephanie Rofkahr is featured in national media and in TV. For more information on Stephanie Rofkahr, visit and follow @fit.four.five on Facebook and Instagram. 

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