Brown Skin: Dr. Susan Taylor

Brown Skin: Dr. Susan Taylor

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin for those picture perfect moments. But, where do people of color find a product that is developed for their skin? Especially for those with dark marks and uneven skins tones. When approached by cosmetics companies to assist with creating a product to help people of color skin become clean, smooth and glow, Dr. Susan Taylor did one better she created her on product line call Rx for Brown Skin. She did her research and truly understood her consumer. I am sure you’ve seen the infomercial and wanted to know who is this that created such a product and what is in this product.

Who is Dr. Susan Taylor the women beyond Rx For Brown Skin? A pioneer in research and treatment for the unique concerns of brown skin, Dr. Susan C. Taylor is a Harvard-trained dermatologist and clinical researcher in ethnic skin care and dermatology. She is board-certified in both internal medicine and dermatology. She is the creator of a variety of products, tools, and resources to treat and care for brown skin and has led advances in the field of skin of color.

Dr. Taylor developed the entire collection known as Rx for Brown Skin, the first-ever skin care line for women of color scientifically formulated by a dermatologist. For research dermatologists as well as those in clinical practice, she also developed The Taylor Hyperpigmentation Scale, a cost-efficient and effective method of monitoring the improvement of hyperpigmentation. She has written a health and beauty book for women of color, Brown Skin: Dr. Susan Taylor’s Prescription for Flawless Skin, Hair and Nails which was published in 2004.

Dr. Taylor is the Founding Director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, the first of its kind for the diagnosis, treatment and investigation of diseases in individuals with skin of color. “By far, the most common problem that I see is pigmentation disorders, which includes discoloration, dark marks, and uneven skin tone. That’s why I’ve used the knowledge acquired during 20 years of practicing dermatology to formulate a system specifically to not only maintain healthy brown skin but also to prevent and treat concerns unique to brown skin.”

taylor-susanDuring our interview, Dr. Taylor mentioned a word new to my vocabulary when describing skin… Hyper Pigmentation. She explained it clearly and that same information I found on her website with a visual. You are probably asking yourself “What is Hyper Pigmentation ”? Brown skin gets its tone and color from the presence of melanin. Produced by the body, melanin is a pigment that is responsible for the rich colors that brown skin are known for. The amount of melanin among different people with brown skin can vary dramatically and can also be contributed greatly upon your heritage.

Irritation or inflammation can cause skin cells to overreact and produce an excessive amount of melanin. Excessive levels of melanin can cause a condition known as HYPER-PIGMENTATION, which leads to noticeable dark marks on the skin, dark circles under and near the eye and other kinds of blotchy skin.  As we get older skins cells become sticky and do not shed properly causing dark marks to last longer and leave our skin with an uneven, dull and lifeless appearance.

Proper exfoliation can help promote a more uniform and radiant skin tone and return a soft texture to the skin. Thus, Rx for Brown Skin can help treat Hyper-Pigmentation. When reading the labels of Rx for Brown Skin it was refreshing to see natural and rich ingredients. A lot of current product on the shelves contain sialic acid which reduces bacteria but are not good for skin of color.

Some of the key ingredients Dr. Taylor mentioned during our interview are very familiar to us: Soybean Extract: demonstrated an ability to diminish the appearance of dark marks and other signs of excess pigmentation. Licorice Extract: has been used as a natural brightening agent. When applied to the dark marks and blemishes that commonly afflict brown skin, licorice helps to even out skin tone and produce a more glowing complexion. Pomegranate Extract: known as one of the most potent natural antioxidants. Since the process of oxidation often leads to discoloration and dark marks, pomegranate is a first-line of defense to help soothe and calm reactive brown skin. Papaya Extract: this fruit is rich in a specific enzyme called Papain, which gently yet effectively removes dull skin cells and encourages renewal and replacement by young, healthy cell.

If you want to learn more about Rx for Brown Skin check out the website and try some the products for yourself. Or make an appointment to sit with soft-spoken Dr. Taylor who is passionate about making your skin look picture perfect. So I have my 30-day trial and will keep you posted on the results. Almost forgot, Dr. Susan Taylor stated “people of color do not realize we all need sunscreen” so make sure while on her website get your A FREE BONUS GIFT – our Age Block UV Shield SPF too. Toodles/KO

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