Your 12-Minute Full Body Workout Plan: Diego Calvo and the Nucleus Central Core Pro

Your 12-Minute Full Body Workout Plan: Diego Calvo and the Nucleus Central Core Pro

With the holidays on our heels and COVID-19 more prevalent than ever before, we are all trying to find the best way to stay fit. There are all kinds of fitness apps that are going crazy, finding dumbbells in the store is almost impossible, in most places, it’s too cold to go for a run, and many cities do not have gyms that are open yet. So when this happens, what do you do? Most men find themselves doing the typical push-up and sit-up challenges that social media has given us, and the rest are ready to go into winter hibernation and keep the weight where it falls. The remedy would be to find an amazing workout device that allows you to workout in a high-intensity manner for a short period of time. That’s where the NUCLEUS CENTRAL CORE PRO comes into play. 

Nucleus Central Core Pro

Athlete, model, and fitness trainer Diego Calvo is the creator of the Nucleus Core Pro. Diego and I are on the phone and talking about the beauty of Los Angeles and how I miss the weather and beauty of the city but not the city. Diego is now a resident of The City of Angels which we will get to in a moment. Nonetheless, I was able to get him to take a break from his busy day to talk to me about this new device that I have been working out with, in my house, for the last two weeks, his transition to the states, and how this 12-minute workout may just replace my gym membership.

Diego decided to move from his home in Barcelona, Spain to Paris, France, to continue pursuing his modeling career. Paris is the end all be all of fashion. Fashion week there is where the things we call style is born. Realizing that models and designers were having challenges with the fitness aspect of the industry, Diego ended up taking on jobs with the modeling agencies helping them keep their models in shape and/or whip them into shape days before a photo shoot or fashion shows.

“When I moved there(Paris), I couldn’t speak French at all,” Diego remembers. “The first three months were extremely hard. Obviously, pulling everything from my savings and then finding clients in a very, very competitive market for training because there are so many good trainers in Paris. It was hard but was a really good experience. I had the ability to work with so many agencies because I had a background as a model for 6-7 years of my life. I was touring all around the world and then after that, I began to work as a trainer. I had my degree in physical education and a master’s degree in nutrition. So anyway, in Paris, I was mostly working with models,  preparing for fashion week. We go for different jobs because, you know, when they book the model, the modeling agency will say, this is the measurement of this girl, right? Then they were landing in Paris and it was different. So we typically had 3-4 days to lose those extra inches.”

While the task was large, Diego made it work. He was successful and was ready for more. He decided to go to the area which will bring him more clients as well as allow him to expand his knowledge and resources. Once again, he emptied his savings account of under $800 and made a life-changing decision. This time, it was to The United States and Los Angeles California would be the destination. Again, Diego knows it would be an easy feat. In his words, “…the best trainers are in Los Angeles.” 

Nucleus Central Core Pro

“I moved here to let go to Los Angeles because I thought Los Angeles is the peak of the mountain as a personal trainer,” Diego explains. “And the best trainers are in Los Angeles. So I started to contact and approach people, not in any kind of creepy way, (laughing) but approach people in the supermarket. You know, everywhere. That was the way I started training people in Los Angeles. I like competition and I believe if you want to be one of the strongest Lions, you need to fight with the strongest. So far, it’s been 12 years.”

While trying to figure out a way to train all of his clients on a basic level, Diego came up with a concept that his most athletic clients, as well as his 70-year-old corporate clients, can use. His Liquid Impact Force Technology uses momentum and speed to create an intense workout in a 12-14 minute session. Even though the device was created to focus on core workouts, Diego found out that it hit 80% of the body’s muscles.

“The main purpose was created, the Nucleus for the core,” Diego says with a tone that still shocks him. “I wasn’t expecting it to create a full-body workout. I wasn’t expecting the legs, pecs or shoulders were going to work that much. When I created the prototype, I got with the doctors and started creating the workouts. And now we have more than 30 exercises. I think a lot of this goes above and beyond what I was expecting. So once you purchase the Nucleus, you are going to get it as early as 24-hours. Ten hours after you you purchase your Nucleus, you get an email to warm up the customer and get them excited. Then they get access to the gallery of all the videos.”  

Nucleus Central Core Pro

While most new users will feel that the 12-14 minute workouts are able to be done every day of the week, Diego suggests continuing to take the two days of rest as needed. If not, you will definitely feel it the next morning. After using the device for 3 weeks, I can guarantee you that your body will feel the difference. My tips on using the Nucleus Central Core Pro is to start slow and controlled. After you get the hang of the device and begin to understand the workouts, increase your speed and a full range of motion. You will break a sweat and feel ready to move after you’re finished. 

“Since every exercise engages About 80 percent of the muscles, you will have much more muscle engagement than you would have from going to the gym for an hour,” Diego describes as we begin wrapping up the interview. “So when you finish working out, you keep burning calories, so you are going to burn calories while you’re working out, but also 2-3 hours after that. Every month we are going to put out new content, new videos, and that’s our promise to our community. New videos of new people, fresh faces, new locations. Really exciting music, you know, it is going to be like an immersive experience. I want somebody, in a studio in New York right now and have to work out. So once they play their workout on the t.v. I want all the excitement great, to the people and they forget about the Work and they just enjoy the best 12 minutes of the day.”

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