Alex Carneiro Shares His Post Covid Blueprint to Health: Kickstarting your Healthy Lifestyle After a Pandemic

Alex Carneiro Shares His Post Covid Blueprint to Health: Kickstarting your Healthy Lifestyle After a Pandemic

If one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has awoken in many of us, it’s that our health isn’t to be lightly taken for granted. Less movement due to closed gyms, more processed foods, higher consumption of alcohol, and higher levels of stress have decreased the overall population’s health and many of us have gained on average 15lbs+ of weight during these times. But don’t stress out, today Alex Carneiro will discuss 4 nutritional ways you can start dropping that weight and 4 ways to motivate yourself to get back to working out to start getting back on track with your weight and health. 

1. Eat Fresh and Unprocessed Foods Every Day

Slowly start moving away from foods that are in cans, plastic wrappers, or frozen. It’s understandable that during the pandemic most of us wanted to have foods that wouldn’t go bad so we wouldn’t have to constantly go to the grocery store and expose ourselves, but these tend to have higher amounts of artificial ingredients to increase the shelf life of the product and other chemicals for flavor. When using canned or dried vegetables and fruit, choose varieties without added salt or sugar. The fresh produce aisles are full of healthier options that will be better for your system and immunity.

2. Snack Less

I’m sure you’ve heard that healthy snacking is good and it is, however, during the pandemic many of us started snacking too much on unhealthy options. With thousands working from home it’s easy to become stressed and not watch the quantity of snacks we’ve been eating throughout the day by either sitting at home working or watching television. So, if you are going to snack, make sure you do with healthier options like vegetables and hummus, moderate amounts of seeds and nuts, or some dried fruit. But avoid the salty crunchy ones that we all love too much as the calories can easily stack up. Again, everything in moderation is key. 

Alex Carneiro
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3. Drink More Water

This can’t be emphasized enough. Our immune system operates optimally with water and most don’t drink the recommended daily levels that we need to allow our body to work at its full capacity. One trick I use with several clients is using rubber bands to know exactly how much water they’ve drank throughout the day. Every time they finish a bottle, they wrap a rubber band around it. If you buy the average 16oz water bottle you should be at least wrapping 7 to 8 rubber bands daily. 

4. Get out, with Balance

So many have been waiting to eat out to their favorite restaurants, but try to limit this if you have gained more weight than you wanted throughout the closures. As a small business owner, I feel it’s important to support local businesses but eat out in moderation. Once, maybe twice a week is good to satisfy your needs to get out and socialize but try to keep most of your meals homemade so you know exactly what’s in your food. With that being said avoid also drinking too much alcohol too as the calories can add up pretty quickly. 

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